Northern Pennsylvania Sleepaway Camp Special Activities

Northern Pennsylvania Sleepaway Camp Special Activities
Northern Pennsylvania boys camps offer unique summer activities specifically designed for each child. The arts interested child, the computer interested child, the equestrian interested child, the water sports interested child, the land sports interested child, and the adventure interested child each receive a balanced summer filled with classic camp activities and a special track of programs focused on their specific interests. This unique opportunity is provided by teachers and trainers specific to that interest and overseen by counselors who care. Read more about this life-changing program available for boys.
Northern Pennsylvania boys camp offers a unique program specifically designed for the special interests of the child. This beautiful camping experience is a wonderful combination of classic camping and modern training in the child’s special interests. This beautiful sleepaway camp is a fourth-generation family-owned business that continues to build on the experience they have gained. One area that this camping expertise is seen is in the camper counselor ratio which is 2-1. This important aspect allows each young man to experience an intimate environment where everyone knows his name, understands his background, his culture, his race, and celebrates his differences. Celebrating your child is an important avenue to building his self-esteem and providing him with a healthy outlook on life. It is the experience gained through the family owned and operated boys camp that is seen and felt in every element of the day. Parents are able to contact their child’s counselor 24 hours a day. Each young man returns home with a brighter outlook on life, knew accomplishments and skills gained and learned, healthy relationships enjoyed and treasured, and a new level of courage, self-confidence, self-awareness, and happiness.
The unique program offered at the sleepaway camp provides each young man with fun filled activities from morning to night. In addition to the classic enjoyments such as swimming lessons, each young man and selects a program that focuses on his interests. Program selections include: competitive sports, computer training in web design and programming, equestrian training, adventure exploring, art, water sports, and more. The northern Pennsylvania sleep away camp provides programs filled with incentive and skills that shape the young man’s interests and develop his self-esteem. Each young man’s unique passions are incorporated into his daily program providing him with ample opportunity for exploration of his gifts and talents. Enrolling your child in boys camp will allow him to mature and grow at an accelerated rate. It provides your child with a program that will launch him into his future. Many children spend their summers watching TV, playing video games, riding their bike in frequently, sleeping late, and simply relaxing. The sleep away camp breaks boys out of the rut of self absorption and into a track filled with acceleration in his interests and passions. It provides him with an avenue for developing new levels of physical, mental and relational accomplishments.
Enroll your child in boys camp and allow him to experience the wonderful benefits of classic camp combined with the benefits of modern camping which offers him strengthened skills in a program of his choice. The northern Pennsylvania experience will assist him in building his future in a positive way. Enroll your child where everyone knows his name. Provide your child with new skills, wonderful memories, laughter, strengthened self-esteem, and healthy relationships by enrolling him in sleepaway camp.

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