The Mysterious Haunted Places of Pennsylvania

The Mysterious Haunted Places of Pennsylvania

A lot of stories encircle the haunted places in PA there are visitors who drop in to this excellent place for investigating the reality behind these houses and manors. We bring you a brief list of all the haunted attractions and houses of America’s eastern state – Pennsylvania.

House on King Street: Located in York Pennsylvania, this is one of the haunted places in Pa that had its residents, a family of 4 members brutally murdered. Ever since then, it is said that the family haunts the house.

There have been reports of foot steps emanating from the room in the attic, although the attic is now sealed. Visitors are often shocked by this sight of haunted Pennsylvania as they report seeing lights being turned on and off, cabinet doors opening and closing and doors and entrances slamming shut.

A visitor has also claimed that a little boy, aged around 7, keeps appearing in the different rooms of the house; the lad disappears if he is spoken to.

Farnsworth House: Located in Gettysburg, this house gives you an insight into the haunted places in Pa. It is a well built structure that was owned by the Sweeney family until the Civil War struck. It was noted by the Confederate soldiers as a fortress especially the attic and its garret window that was the perfect base for the snipers.

The Sweeney’s fled the place but later returned to find their house besotted with bullet marks. Today it is a successful bed and breakfast inn with both haunted as well as non haunted rooms for the guests to stay in. Guests who are interested in having a paranormal experience are given the 1864 rooms, despite warnings from the staff.

Gettysburg: This is actually a battlefield zone, although it has been often included in the list of the haunted places in Pa. Located around business route no. 15, this is a place where a battle had lasted for several days. Visitors have often reported of haunting incidents relating to the battle and others that have no relation to it.

The Gettysburg Battle of 1863 marks its memories here. Legend has it that Gen. Robert Lee was on his way to the north for forcing a settlement. The battle with the Confederate Troops killed 50000 men and was a bloody battle. Haunting incidents not related to the battle but to the history of the land are also observed.

Jennie Wade House: This property is one of the haunted places in Pa situated in Baltimore Street, and can be found a short walk from the cemetery. According to legend, Jennie was killed sin the midst of an urgent mission while preparing bread for the hungry soldiers.

It is said that those who die while on an important mission continue with the work after death. Perhaps she is even waiting to hear from her beloved, Jack, who was fighting in the battle. Jack was taken prisoner in the war and succumbed to his wounds. However, Jennie didn’t find the news as the friend who was supposed to inform her also died. For more haunted attractions in PA visit my website below.

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